Compensation Claims

As with benefits, many sufferers are uninformed of their right to seek compensation. Most compensation claims are made against the sufferer’s former employers. Incredibly, UK industry has had knowledge of the dangers of asbestos as far back as 1898.

Although claims are usually made against the employer, it does not necessarily matter if the employer is no longer trading, as the claim can be brought against the employer’s insurance company.

Although less common it is still possible, in certain circumstances, to bring a claim where the sufferer was exposed to asbestos environmentally or through a third party, eg washing a spouse’s overalls.

HASAG recommend you bring a compensation claim where possible. Please do not be worried about having to attend Court as very few claims progress to a full hearing.

The choice of Solicitor is yours. However, we do recommend you speak to us first as we can put you in touch with Solicitors who are specialists in asbestos disease claims. We insist that the Solicitor must not have represented defendants in disease claims, are members of the Law Society’s specialist panel and that they are completely independent.

The Solicitors HASAG recommend will offer:

  • Home visits throughout the UK
  • No cost to the victim or his/her family
  • No up front fees
  • 100% of compensation to be received by the victim
  • The services of an experienced specialist lawyer